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A resilient plant can defend itself well against enemies.
Those enemies can come from all kinds of angles: fungi, insects and climate.
At Varinova, much attention in breeding is paid to plant resistance; plants that are easy to grow in extreme climates; plants that can not easily get fungi.

Several Cyclamen varieties of Varinova are now known to growers because of their good resistance to Botrytis.

Varinova also devotes a great deal of attention to the sustainable cultivation of Cyclamen.
In collaboration with the companies Soiltech and Koppert, a major investigation was started in 2017 to show whether cyclamen can be grown more resilient.
The outcome of this research is promising. The WUR has established that there is a trend that the treated plants are more resistant to thrips. The Flora Holland knowledge center has established that the treated plants have a significantly better chain storage life.

In 2018, the research with both companies will continue. The plants of the study can be seen in calendar weeks 43, 44 and 45 during our annual open days (the Varitrials).