Innovation – Breeding2018-10-14T13:02:41+02:00


Innovation means renewal. The Dutch name Varinova means to innovate varieties.

We renew our Cyclamen varieties making use of growing techniques. In this process we not only focuss on the improvement of existing colours and shapes, but we also create completely new colours and shapes.

Our Cyclamen assortment now consists of a large range of niche products with a unique colour and/or shape. One of the most famous examples is Goblet with the chalice flower shape and white edged flowers. Both Rocolina with its Rococo shaped flowers and Outsider with its entirely own botanical looks are charming niche varieties originating from our “genetic kitchen”.

The existing total range of our Cyclamen is constantly being renewed by improving the resiliency and the looks. We would like to see that the grower cultivates our varieties with ease and pleasure.

During our annual open days (the Varitrials) in calendar weeks 43, 44 and 45 we will show our visitors the available innovations, as well as the innovations that are still being developed in our “kitchen”.