About Varinova

Varinova has been founded in July 2000, but our F1 Cyclamen’s history goes more than 40 years back. In 1975 the breeding of the first F1 Cyclamen was started under “De Ruiter Seeds” flag. In that period of time various series were developed and introduced on the market, like the Colorado-, Minimate-, Intermezzo- and the Melody-series.
In July 2000 The Ruiter Seeds decides to concentrate more and more on the breeding of hybrid vegetable seeds. Bart Kuijer (breeder at The Ruiter Seeds) and Jeroen Veugelers then decide to take over all cyclamen activities (breeding, production and marketing) and pursue under the new name Varinova B.V.. Since then Varinova B.V. is a new and independent company.
In January 2007 Jeroen Veugelers withdraws from Varinova. Marga Janus, Bart Kuijer’s life partner, joins the management of Varinova and concentrates on Varinova’s logistic and administrative organisation, while Bart Kuijer expands his activities with sales.

In June 2012, after months of preparation, Varinova moves to a new location in Bleiswijk, a greenhouse with a surface area of 7000 m2. Here all activities with regard to breeding, production and marketing take place. Activities are emphasized on the improvement of the existing varieties and the development of new varieties.

In 2013 Goblet Shine Wine Red and Picola Shine Red are introduced. Both varieties are very enthusiastically received. In successive years, various series are being expanded with the Shine colours.

Outsider, a mini Cyclamen for outdoor, is introduced in 2016. Due to its “botanical” appearance, Outsider is considered a niche product.


In 2017 and 2018 an entirely new midi Cyclamen, Merita, with large mid size flowers, is added to the assortment.

With more than 40 years of experience in research and breeding techniques, we have succeeded in developing plant varieties that are all characterized by compactness, uniform growth and Botrytis tolerance. This makes our products easy to grow and sell.

Varinova works with a small team of committed employees. Every day we work on improving product quality and respond to changing (climate) circumstances. We are also available to answer your questions. Do you have a question? Consult our website or contact us by email or phone for more information.

We can support with cultivation, marketing and sales advice by means of, among other things, labels and photos.