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Cultivation Information


The cultivation of Cyclamen is characterised by these 2 words.

To grow a nice quality Cyclamen an active aired climate and well aired potting soil in combination with spacious room are important for the plant.

Choose a pot with many holes for drainage and use potting soil with sufficient air for good development of the roots.

The potting soil starts with 1,0 EC by adding a composed fertilizer with micro elements.

Plant the tuber just under the soil with the heart of the plant and the upper side of the tuber just above the soil. By doing so the heart of the plant developes better and the leaf stems remain strong.

During the first growing period the plant needs to develop a lot of leaves. With more leaves the plant becomes stronger and more flowers can be produced. Therefore it is advisable to add a bit more nitrogen in the fertilizer during the first growing stage. The optimal proportion of N:K is 1:1 (15-5-15). The first growing phase takes approximately 8-12 weeks after potting, depending on size and variety/type of the young plant.

In the second growing periode the plant developes the flowers buds and the flowers. In this stage potassium is an important element to keep the plants compact and strong as well as to  develop stronger flower stems and flowers. Also Calcium and Silicium have a positive influence on the quality of the flowers.

After potting of the young plants the plants are placed next to eachother. During the first 2 weeks the plants need to grow sufficiently moist. After these 2 weeks the roots will develop in the pot ball and it will be better to limit the water gift in order for the roots to grow stronger.

Space the plants in time before they touch eachother. That way the plant grows round and compact and the leaf stems remain shorter and stronger.

There are several ways of irrigation: from above through shower rose or spray, through trickler or via ebb and flow systems. During the first growing period it is easy to irrigate from above. In the second growing stage this will be harder since the leaves cover the pot ball and irrigation is therefore uneven. As soon as flowers appear we advise against irrigation from above. The flowers will get “dirty” and may develop Botrytis. This reduces the ornamental value.

Every climate and every cultivation practice demands tailored advice. We will be happy to give that advice!

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Variety Pot size cm Cultivation period after potting Plant density m2 Potting Flowering
Picola 6-9 13-15 weeks 60-80 20-38 33-52
Picola 10.5 13-15 weeks 40 20-32 33-48
Facila Summer 10.5-12 13-15 weeks 20-25 20-38 33-52
Facila Winter 10.5-12 13-15 weeks 20-25 30-46 45-12
Melody Outdoor® 9-10.5 13-15 weeks 20-25 20-32 33-48
Goblet 9-10.5 13-15 weeks 25-30 20-42 33-4
Outsider 9-10.5 13-15 weeks 25-30 20-32 33-48
Merita 10.5-12 15-17 weeks 16-20 20-38 36-2
Rocolina 10.5-12 15-17 weeks 16-20 32-46 46-11
Maxora Fringed 11-15 17-19 weeks 12-16 24-42 42-9
Contiga 12-15 15-17 weeks 12-20 20-38 36-2
Magnia 14-20 17-19 weeks 8-12 20-38 38-5