Varinova B.V. concentrates on plant development and seed production of Cyclamen. With over 35 years of experience and research in breeding techniques Varinova B.V. succeeded in developing varieties which are characterised by compactness and uniform growth. This is why Varinova’s products are easy to cultivate. Click here to download the complete company brochure.


IMG_7028 Large assortment F1 Cyclamen-series Varinova has ten F1 Cyclamen-series with a large number of bright colours available. As from  the micro Cyclamen Picola until the standard very large-flowering Magnia; for indoor use as well as for outdoor use.

Easy growing… In cooperation with partners Varinova is constantly looking for new breeding techniques and for possibilities to develop new types, shapes and colours. However, most of all Varinova is looking for innovative possibilities to make the cultivation even easier. Not surprisingly our most important motto is “Easy growing…”.

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Cyclamen are still (8 December) floroushing in our garden; in your garden too?